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World Education Map

Researchers, teachers and students can discover and analyze multipolar world education space. You can learn about history and theory of education, modern educational technologies.


John Amos Comenius
Education according to nature
Maria Montessori
Montessori education
Anton Makarenko
Social Education
John Dewey
Functional psychology


Track a career of a thinker in education who left a significant mark in science and education, learn what inspired them and what modern ideas are based on their doctrines.

All educators

How does it work?

The World Education Map is online scientific and learning service. It performs three main functions: educational, reflexive and analytical.


Idea interpretation

Analyze the pedagogical ideas on the basis of your knowledge. Compare your point of view to the opinions of experts.

Analytical Toolkit

Develop a set of tasks for mastering the world of education on the basis of the proposed four-dimension system of exercises.

Four approaches to the description of the world education, 128 persons in education, their biography, ideas and books. Create the characteristics of a separate pedagogical theory, share your opinions with experts, develop a set of knowledge.

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