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World Education Map

World Education Map is an online service for University students and teachers, and for researchers involved in problems of History of Education or Philosophy of Education and Theory of Pedagogy.

It presents the development of multipolar world education space in 4 main directions which we consider to be the basis of classification of pedagogical theories, concepts, ideas.

With the help of ‘WEM’ students can learn the world history of education and modern technologies and theories of teaching and learning.

It gives teachers a resource for blended learning classroom management for a number of university courses in History of Education, modern teaching and learning technologies, theory of pedagogy. It supports the usage of ‘flipped classroom’ in education process.

We believe that our online service belongs to a new generation of MOOCs as it allows not only to impart the knowledge to students but also to generate new ideas. Researchers can use it to create their own outline of education space and suggest their own approaches to selection and classification of theories in education.

To add to this we have invented a tool which can be used to create a visual description of a pedagogical idea or concept. We have suggested a number of criteria for this description and any student can create a visual presentation of a theory in a form of a Polar Chart and compare it to descriptions made by our experts. The differences in interpretations of ideas make the content of fruitful classroom discussions and help students interiorize the ideas.